The meaning behind Resonate Yoga is to help you find the yoga and studio that resonates with you. To do this Resonate Yoga has set up this web site to review yoga studios, teachers and styles of yoga with the aim to give you a small window into what is out there, what styles are currently trending and what some of those styles are. This hopefully will help you on your search for the perfect studio / teacher for you and it means that people trying their first yoga class will not be put off by yoga altogether simply because they chose a class that does not Resonate with them.

There are so many different styles of yoga and so many different people with different body types. The type of yoga that suits an athlete is different to the type of yoga that suits an older person or a pregnant woman. Some people like their yoga to contain relaxing content, some people like it to help build muscle or stability and some like the clean detoxing element. Resonate Yoga helps to give you a place to start on your search for the class that suits you the best.

Keep in mind that this page is an honest account of our reviewers of what is found at each yoga studio on the particular day that the studio is visited. We will do our best to give you a wide variety of studios and to keep the information as current as possible. We have a small selection of reviewers to write the content of this page in the hope that there is some consistency in the reviews. This page is not an advertising site for studios to do write ups and we will not be told what to put up on this page. The content and the photos are completely independent of the studio itself, however we will be letting you know where you can find the studio should you want to give their classes a go.

We will not be giving the studios star ratings or rankings because we are not comparing one studio to another. Each studio is bound to have pros and cons and we want to highlight those to you. If you want to add something to the review or you have a studio you would like to say something about you as the readers, yogi’s and students are welcome to write in the comments section. We will remove anything that is not appropriate. But personal recommendations, opinions or constructive criticism of things that didn’t work for you are welcome.