Bonnie Russell

Bonnie has been teaching yoga since 2001. She completed an advanced diploma of yoga teacher training at the CAE and since then has tried almost all the different styles of yoga she could find. Her motto as a teacher has always been to teach people, not yoga. To do that she sometimes finds her self teaching a range of different ways. In her time as a teacher Bonnie has worked out of many different places including studios, community centres, schools, wellbeing centres and corporate offices as well as helping run studios and having her own yoga studio.

In 2013 Bonnie went back to study. She decided that studying Osteopathy was the next step after her love of yoga and commenced a five year degree. Bonnie not only found that the anatomy and physiology knowledge she gained in her osteopathy degree made her a better teacher. She also acquired a better understanding of why. Why people have been doing these yoga poses for thousands of years and what the real benefits are to each individual. (aside from just making us feel good)

Looking under the surface of the body led to her realising that peoples bodies are even more different than she first thought. This lead to the decision to call her style of yoga “yoga therapy,” Not because students had to have an injury to attend, but because each person’s body could use yoga to become better, healthier, stronger and more flexible. To do this though, to really help people improve their lives through yoga we need to acknowledge that all our bodies are different, all our lives are different and all our yoga poses and practices need to be different.

Having given birth to her first child in late 2015, Bonnie cut back her teaching significantly. Full time study, full time parenting and a couple of yoga classes a week were all Bonnie had time for. However she was still really passionate about her belief of finding the yoga that Resonates with you. So to help people do that Bonnie started this website in late 2016 for people to navigate the minefield of yoga studios out there. With all of her experience as both a teacher and a student Bonnie believes that yoga is for everyone, you just have to find what works for you.

Dan Gardner